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Chester, the best little town in Vermont

I've said it before. I'll say it again. There is nothing like being in Chester, Vermont in the fall for its celebrated Festival on the Green, especially when you live here and were in the first Green Sale 37 years ago! Rotary gave me my regular prime corner spot in front of the Fullerton. The dark clouds were as numerous as the umbrellas, but there were lots of smiles, hugs, and sales. Yes, it is all about connection.

Setting up and breaking down were a breeze and without a raindrop or bad couple moment. Lew spruced up our hanging glass door sign with new and exciting offerings like our Portrait Dolls, St. Nicholas reminding us of Christmas, workshops and calico animals. But the biggest teaser that received the most attention was the upcoming Fall Fashion Show. Slated for most of the day on Saturday, November 12, young doll moms can bring their Bundle doll to make a nightie, view and size and choose the latest fashions that might fit their very own doll for a future gift for a birthday or from Santa. We will eat and laugh and stage a fabulous fashion show. Diana's dress on a hanger was the inviting invitation to be part of the festivities. Watch for details and save the day.

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For Bonnie and Lew both it was a day of connecting with older friends and little ones too. Our favorite families stopped by to see who was new and to wish us well. We saw Becky, Pinky, Betsy, Gwendolyn, Mark and Josh, Sally, Margie and her Green Mountain HS friends, selling their famous fried dough. And Lynn from Southern VT Art Living whose dad sold our NJ home for us before we came to Chester. Lew shuttled back and forth to the St. Luke's tag sale.

The fabulous Camilla, our sensational calico cat, was there in great numbers and we returned home with just a couple. We offered a Camilla in bunny fabric as a raffle prize to benefit TARPS, in memory of the late Bunny Carpenter, my neighbor, friend and stitcher for 35 years plus. That raffle will continue through the Annual Holiday Sale on Thanksgiving weekend.

We were pleased to learn the Chester-Andover Elementary School gift catalog will be out soon - hard copy and on line -- and we hope our Birthday Workshops, Calico Paper Dolls and Camillas will raise lots of funds for the school, an elementary school that encouraged our three daughters to soar in every way.

The boys--Samuel and Crackers-- were sold, among others, but now the girls are back home on their respective "thrones" waiting for visitors until Friday night when Silvio supervises the packing of the totes for Woodstock's Apples and Crafts, our last fair of the season. Will it be as great as Chester? Come see us in Bailey's Meadow. Weather promises to be beautiful.

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