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Grow Up With Me

Being around my family last week made me think about the legacy of what I create with love to be guaranteed for life.

That Thursday night we arrived at the family homestead in mid-Vermont to do four things. First, we reinforced that Dad was the perfect candidate to be Assistant Pastor at their church, and that he had to write papers, read in quiet, counsel and all that was a good and wonderful thing. Mom got to go on a date that evening with her favorite guy after dance class. And that often means food shopping. We went over our notes on Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, our home school lesson for the next day. But the most delightful experience was the doll hospital.

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There are six children in this family, and all their dolls, broken or not, were gathered to be brought to the hospital for repairs. Isaac, two and a half, delivered the "patients" for their treatments on his fire truck. William, the oldest (really a baseball star) covets his Raggedy (almost eleven like him) but his Hans had an arm severed in a skiing accident. Number two boy, Gurion dressed his Peter Rabbit and pointed out the ears were not exactly the same size. He then proceeded to design his birthday doll - a little bit Sam, real eyes, please; and maybe a super hero outfit. No. 3 guy's namesake Samuel had dirty hair; but no matter, he did not want a glue job; he didn't care for the glue smell as he sleeps with his pal every night. No. 1 girl presented her Beatrice for a little beauty parlor treatment; her Morgan was perfect; her butterfly girl, Bernadette, needed a little coiffure fix - especially the bow; and Abigail needed a wee bit of wig touchup. All the cats - Camillas -- were fine - all four of them even though they are often swung around by their tails! Shiloh's two kids were fine, but Eva needed a snap. For his emergency help Isaac accepted Christopher, his first Bundle as his new buddy.

Blessings on Friday night from a circle of grandchildren and their grateful parents, included thanks and praise for "hospital night," the date, red soup and oh yes, our teaching Vermont history.

Growing up in early years of life with a doll made with love exudes connection.

Having a handmade doll to love teaches its owner how to take care of precious things. Every child should have a doll with pockets for sharing secrets, a love-back friend who hears tears and laughter and who gives back unselfishly - forever. Lots of clans of dolls live off in faraway places, like Arizona Here's the Bourgois' family legacy. No repairs needed there, but I brought home two dustcaps for new elastic, one from PA the other, CO. I love visiting my family and their families! That's why I love making dolls!

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