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Off we go to the fair!

There's a great story I wrote on our journey of a lifetime three years ago, among others, about how the dolls come alive when sitting in the gossip chair. These stories are favorites of our grandchildren, but published they are not. So, why not share about The Baby Sitter in a blog. What fairs? Who's the baby sitter?

We're going to a fair almost every weekend for the next month. First is Chester's famous Fall Festival on the Green on

September 18 and 19; next comes The Peru Fair on the 25th and then Woodstock Apples and Crafts on October 9 and 10 where AZ daughter Kelly will be assisting. After all, her career in farmers markets and sustainable agriculture were inspired by craft fairs when she was a child.

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Okay, the baby sitter is Silvio, our beloved cat. He stays home with half the cast of characters of Bonnie's Bundles Dolls. It is not easy picking and choosing who goes and who stays because there is only room for half the family. Silvio does have his favorites.

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The story goes that Gretchen Goose and tomboy Wendy are left behind. They are not packed carefully in plastic totes. No sooner than the doll maker and her husband leave with the packed van, those two girls hop out of the magic chair and get into trouble simply following Silvio around this awesome 15-room house. The cat food, the dryer, climbing on things to look out windows; there is no end to their mysterious curiosity. Needless to say, he lets no harm come to these two characters and actually ends up cuddled with them on the guest room bed in the sun.

Do check our calendar before visiting. Do look for us at a fair. Remember Silvio cannot let you in if we're at a fair. So if you come during the week, you'll probably catch us replenishing inventory (except Fridays when we are closed for homeschooling.) Here or on the road, we can't wait to see you!

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