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The Promise Room - A Sweet Layaway Plan

I have always loved that my work is all around me; not only the messes I make, but my inspirations, my work in progress, and my finished products. There are dolls everywhere since our Gallery is in our home, but display is kept to three rooms. That's usually about 100 "people." Some are here longer than I'd like. Maybe they just don't want to go away. Sooner or later each Bundle finds a home; some just take longer to be chosen. Why is that?

There are some real winners like Grace, Emily, Anna,Daisy, Eva, Courtney, Meghan andCamilla. From May to December, they are in and out the door with visitors, quickly replaced with a new one, usually in the same version. That's why they go; everything about them is good - size, color, price. Then we have hang-on girls like Greta, Darla, Peggy, Olga and Granny Gert. The good thing is visitors can pick and choose the best of these designs to create their own doll and find the best elements in these-stay behinds! Our trunk and birthday sales do move these people - some out the door, others to the Promise Room. Happily, when children come to a craft workshop, they look around at all the choices that lead them to design their project. Sometimes they fall in love with someone here, but it's not their birthday until October. The solution is that doll is bundled and brought up to the Promise Room (a daughter's old bedroom is a sanctuary for gift giving) until the birthday celebration. Keep in mind some children change their minds; but in that pretty room, in the company of a couple other promises, nothing is lost. They move in and out just like children. Some children are so hooked on dolls, that their collections almost number their age. Margie doesn't have 14 but she has 7 if she counts one her mother has. Ciana recently gifted me with a portrait of her collection - count them - six - with one more for summer giving, you know where. Don't tell her! One special selection has been stowed away for nine months. We can a accept check on deposit and then in small monthly increments, however it works best for you. It is especially nice for moms and grammies to know that gift giving is this easy and is a well-kept secret. The Promise Room, a sweet layaway plan, isn't it?

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