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The Two Doll Birthday

In mid-January Vermont had a big snow. Five years ago in a similar snowstorm, our Beatrice was born. The midwife did not quite make it in time, so daughter Kara delivered Beatrice herself. The first girl after three boys - a wonderful treat--for all of us.

When we arrived for her party, Bea's first question was "Did you remember it is my birthday tomorrow?" I acted surprised! Second question, "Did you remember which doll I wanted for my birthday?" I told her I thought she was a horsewoman. "Come on, Grammie, you know which one? Remember, purple dress, blue lace, butterfly eyes, and remember, you don't have to wrap her!" I could not respond without smiling. We brought our mascot cat Silvio for his vacation so we stayed over, had afterchurcheggs, went to church and then came back to the house to wrap, make cards and prepare Bea's special dinner. The announcement was made: "I'm opening my presents!" All the siblings rushed to help. First was Nana's package, a DVD, a book, a colorful fleece and Gracie, (View image) a Madame Alexander doll with a lovely face, pretty hair and "hard" skin, authenticated by a certificate. Nicely made, quite pretty, but not inviting to hold. I met Madame Alexander's assistant year's ago on the Woodstock Green, and she complimented me on my design work. Mmm. Maybe I ought to issue an authentication certificate along with care instructions in 2010 since my registry goes back over 35 years.View image Back to the party. Next opened were plastic horses, one each from three brothers and a giraffe from Samuel. Then came the big, big box, supposedly a shop vac for the little momma's helper; but nope, it was a huge fabulous furry horse, one to be ridden. Black Beauty, that's her new name. Silence. The birthday girl came over to me to see what I might have. First I handed her a little tissue package. In it was an eyelet dust cap,(View image) trimmed in lace, suggested by mother to control the child's blonde tresses while she slept. It fit perfectly and she wears it nightly. More? Yes, it was Bernadette, just the way she wanted her with the purple dress, brown hair, special butterfly eyes, the golden cord on her overskirt and the purple bow. Her eyes lit up and she was one big smile. Bea tucked her Bernadette under her arm, hopped on her horse and rode off in her own sunset. Baby sister Shiloh told me she now changed her mind about wanting Claire, switching toJudy for her summer birthday. Guest Catherine was caught inspecting Bernadette. She explained to her mother that she didn't like hard dolls, but she loved this soft doll with the beautiful eyes and pretty clothes. Good taste, Catherine. Hope to see you again, maybe for your birthday doll!

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