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Lew and I thoroughly enjoyed "The Musical of Musicals" at the Weston Playhouse this summer. The finale was a parody of "One" from Bennett's A Chorus Line. The audience is still sitting there and the cast sings "Go home. Done." As an aside, for the first time in a year, we have put musical tapes in our entertainment center and are singing. (I normally work in quiet.) But I should be dancing, because those last commissions are done. I won't even go into the details of the Matt doll for Myra's giving to her fiancé, but I will tell you Lew took out his wood blocks to help make this a sensational gift. Commissions, you say, how does that happen?

A mother (of Monet who inspired the doll) and an aunt/grandmother team both provided me with color pictures of the children's faces. Teelin is a year old and Lexi is almost two. In the case of Lexi, her plastic look alike doll was cumbersome and unappealing, and grammie wanted the child to relate and love a soft likeness. Teelin's mother knew how much Monet loved her doll and little brother ought to have an Irish fellow look alike. I provided both gift givers with sketches of the faces for approval, and then my embroiderer Eileen did just as I asked, even to the two little smile lines over Teelin's lips. For Teelin we decided black watch plaid pants, beret and a green sweater.Thank you, BonnieJohnson, for stepping up to these knitting tasks. His body fabric is shamrocks, his legs snowflakes. His hair is soft and brown and he is just a sweet boy. I encouraged Aunt Amy topick what she thought Lexi might like: Tillie's clothes, Olivia's face shape but Virginia's coloring, Eva's body, and Grace's colors. Her hair was to be black with little piggy curls on the sides. A new level of hairstyling was achieved. This all explains why the Irish fellow fell head over heels with Lexi when they were in the living room together awaiting a photo shoot. Right now they are dubbed the Sweethearts of 2009. So what does Bonnie (and Lew) do now? We prepare for our Christmas. Silvio has his own plan. He's nesting. We chatted with the mother of our six sweet grandchildren and got THE LIST. (She was cloistered in the bathroom with the phone to prevent any leaks.) Imagine, 10-year-old William wants Morgan, our Bundle monkey. Maybe a birthday buddy, because he loves the Hardy Boys and carries wood and needs gloves, as do his brothers. Beatrice gets a durable horse and a fashionable belt. Shiloh is everything princess, and Isaac is done. The Lake school needs art supplies, so off we go to Michaels and other good places in Keene, NH to find those creative things that made their mother and her sisters such fabulous artists! That done, we will worship at St. Luke's, clean this house, celebrate Christmas and New Year's with our Vermont family, plan our RVTC adult education classes, create our Epiphany card and then catch some sun, hugs, and have a second Christmas in Arizona in January. Done? We're never done! Merry Christmas.

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