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I think it was Grace K., a realtor in N.J. who was trying to sell us a house in Bergen County back in 1971. "Remember, Mr. Watters, the house priced right will sell!" On Norman Rockwell's print the saying goes, "You can't sell from an empty wagon." Both true. Remember then that a spool of thread was 25 cents; today it is nearly $5. Fabric was 50 cents to $1 a yard, now it's $8 to $10! But what can we offer you now?

Value at fair prices. First, the trunk dolls sale. The fact that they are here after two years says they ought to be removed from active inventory, especially on the web and here in our gallery. Why are they still here? Probably color. Maybe not a great design. Sale prices equate to 1990! We need the trunk for our sweaters! Secondly, there is the next tier of those who should retire, about a dozen, to the attic with their other buddies. These are $25 off listed prices or early 2000 prices. Call them the attic dolls. The patterns will not be destroyed. Keep in mind Tess was reborn better the second time around. The dolls can always be custom ordered. Silvio says he needs a place to nap. Finally, three Camillas, the calico cat with the magical face, are ready for adoption. She is this year's best selling item at $41. Check out the three little decorator dollies at $32 -- price break is just right. Simply use our search window on the Doll Galleries page to find these sale values. Enter: "Take $25 off" to view the attic dolls; "Trunk Sale" for the real bargains, and "ORDER ME NOW" for those ready to ship from inventory. Remember those 10% Grammie awards apply too. Look and compare the savings. Then simply choose and call to place your order at 802/875-2114 to ship immediately or come by to take one away. Happy Holidays.

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