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Remember Snow Days?

Heavens, when I was a kid I loved them even if I had to clean my toy box and play with my little brother, John. As a adult, I loved the cancellation of school to spend quality time with my three daughters who all benefited from my individual bonus attention to their creative paths. When they said to me, "I'm bored." I replied, "No, think, are you boring? Make something." God bless them. They did. So what did Lew and I do on our first snow day?

I was thrust into my seventieth year on December seventh. My immediate and extended Chester families surprised me with a party of parties. Love kids? I do. Eldest grandson William did the math with Poppie: seven candles times ten years means Grammie is 70! I needed all the help I could get to blow out the candles, including Gurion from across the table. Sunday the family went with us to breakfast and church at St. Luke's. Father Paul got our two granddaughters "mixeded up" at the Eucharist. He was confused, they giggled all the way back to the pews. The children wrote letters and drew pictures for soldiers. No school buses today. Only snowplows, which means Eileen might just be embroideringthose last three doll faces. Last night we dined with a dear friend in Grafton whose cottage I rented to show and sell my dolls in the eighties - an incredible time in our history. Besides the birthday dinner, she gave us a freezer full of leftovers. That all meant that cooking tonight (and for the next week is so easy). Today I was able to sew all the components of the traditional Santa my loyal customer Caroline ordered last January, and shipped him from the Chester Post Office.

We finally wrote my proposal for the River Valley Technical Center cooking class in February, and began to think seriously about booking our tickets to Arizona in January. Thank you, Arizona Kate, for sending us a big snow for mom's birthday.

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