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Green is Good

The Annual Holiday Sale was green. So was the cake. We had local and returning customers - just like we might have expected. One trunk doll (Virginia) is gone; one Attic Girl is gone (Erika). Two special pickers and choosers are the subject of another blog. But first...

Lots of Calico Paper Dolls left the building; inventor Gurion (now eight) will be thrilled with the commissions. You might be happy to know the ongoing sale continues until Christmas. There are three special weekends ahead - the St. Luke's Christmas Tea and Sale and the Overture to Christmas on Saturday, December fifth, both listed on as must go-to events and two weekends to follow. A part of that weekend on December fifth, the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce will offer a scavenger hunt featuring Chester and Ludlow businesses where gift baskets will be awarded hourly to visitors to the participating merchants. We are one of them. And you may still come to pick and choose from inventory for giving. Here at the Bundle factory, we are down to the last five commissioned dolls. Tess is done and quite beautiful. Pressure is building for two birthday celebrations for the doll maker, shoving her head-first into year seventy! She is trying to go with grace. We have accepted the prospect of winter. The gardens are bedded. The picnic table is secure on our screened (to become solar) porch, thanks to the King Family; and the wood is stacked, thanks to Margie's 'rents. We plan to escape for 10 days in January to hug our Arizona daughters. Besides Christmas, there are some special celebrations in January. Bring on those creative workshops! First Saturdays are a thing of the past. We'll do what you want and when. Meanwhile, Ruth, our Red Hat Society lady, is being "planted" at the Fullerton for the ladies' luncheon as a surprise guest on December first. I think they will adore her!

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