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Pretty in Pink

ou've heard me talk about Matt and Myra before, friends who put me onto blogging. Their commissions have resulted in some interesting Bundles like Daisy. She wanted a doll to decorate a "diaper" cake for an auction that had the breast cancer ribbon for eyes and everything pink. How did it turn out?View image

Inspiration came from everywhere. A southern belle ceramic figure from the garden had the flowing dress. Frank's Bargain Store in Charlestown had the ribbons and gingham. A neighbor had food coloring to dye the lace. Ruffle and trim came from the depths of my cache; and with the perfect pink calico, the design came together. But what about the hair? Myra insisted it had to be pink to make the statement. Found it, yes, in the bottom of my yarn chest. Eileen's first try on the ribbon eyes didn't fly so we elevated the pinks and changed the style of stitch and their direction. Bingo. Keep in mind, I thought the delivery date was October 26. Just as the pink girl was dressed, pressed and ready for her photo shoot, I had an emergency call from Myra. She needed the subject the next day. What followed, in the midst of preparation for a 10-guest dinner party, was I signed, registered and boxed the doll. I went to Main Street with the box to fill out the paper work with Matt's Fedex number to leave in the drop box by 4 p.m. Oops. She needed weighing, so off to Chester-Andover Elementary School I went. The secretary opened the nurse's office for me to use the scale. Two pounds. Done. As I departed the school, there was the Fedex truck! The box was on its way. What luck! And coincidently I was greeted by two close friends named Kathleen in the parking lot. I decided to name the doll Kathleen in memory of my dear friend Kathleen Whalen who struggled with cancer. Seeing the two Kathleens reinforced my choices. Lew emailed a jpeg photo to Myra who immediately called back. She loved her! Eileen said: "I think she looks great! She is all about the pink and Kathleen would be proud! Thanks for letting me a part of her." Thank you, Myra, for the idea. Thank you, Kathleen, for your life.

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