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Bad Hair Day

During the summer months Lew and I have the pleasure of being entertained by nine and four year-old girls on Wednesdays.Bonnie meets their mom as she heads to her park ranger job and their dad works at Bonnie's former employer. This pleasant duty gives the parents a break and us a perk. What did we do last Wednesday?

You had to be here. There were three Bundles in for hair repair. We called it the Bad Hair Day. Destry is 19 years old. She belongs to a Chester lady whose granddaughters fondled the doll's blonde hair to the point of dirty hands do dirty work. Mind you, these girls are now in college. Angela came back from a Connecticut owner who never explained why this girl, 12 years old, seemed to be caught up in a horrific fan episode. Her brown mohair tresses were a mess. Then there was Agatha, another teenager, who needed a hair repair and elastic replaced on her dress sleeves and pantaloons. A couple spots on her face needed attention. I turned Eva and Zinny into hair salon experts. Since they own Bundles, they know how to love them and care for them.Destry had a "Head and Shoulders" experience, and later had to go into the washer and dryer (with a towel and other towels) and came out nearly perfect. Agatha measured up to Bonnie's facial and wardrobe repair. And Miss Angela, whose "do" was ensconced in a ski hat as the brown mohair tresses dried with careful glue applications, is a new woman. These enduring ladies, attended by young doll lovers and a loving doll maker, are now returned to their rightful owners, repairs free of charge - our lifetime guarantee. I imagine that Audrey who owns a hair salon in Connecticut decorated with Bundles would love this story. Wish you all could have been here!

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