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Eva Gets Her Birthday Doll

va got her birthday doll.

Back in May, Bonnie gave a special gift package to the Green Mountain Festival Series for the silent auction, a Decorator Dolly Workshop with kits and a special lunch. This nonprofit supports my doll workshops in our local public schools. Eva's mother was the highest bidder, and so we fashioned Eva's birthday party around the workshop. Grandma-ma came, as did Eva's sister Zoe. They made decorator dollies. Eva, her mommy, Luna and her grandmother and Eva's friend Marlayna made calico paper dolls. What fun we had. For this event we decided simply on chocolate chip cookies and lemonade and concentrated on the creation our dollies. To top off this fun happening, this is the day Eva was picking up her very, very special birthday doll that Grandma-ma had Bonnie make for her. Eva's doll was created with purple eyes, blonde braids, special clothes in those blues, pinks and lavenders, wearing a special bonnet just like her first love, Holly. It was exactly as she chose. She was thrilled. We can tell you Eva knows how to create a doll. You too can please your birthday child with a Bundle and a workshop party. We will treat you all like royalty. Eva was a princess this day, and so were her guests and her doll!

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