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Can a 5 year old create her own doll?

For over two years, each time I saw Eva, she would gravitate toward Holly, our featured icon in Yankee Magazine last holiday season. Grandma-ma wanted to make sure that the nearly 5-year-old got to pick and choose her dream doll. About a month before her birthday, Eva brought her grandmother here, along with her mom and sister. What did she decide?

Eva agreed it was a good idea to seat all her favorite dolls on the sofa in our living room and then zero in on her favorite things about each doll. Holly was selected, as was Eva and Emily and Claire. There was definitely an order about the placement. We sat on the walnut coffee tables with Grandma-ma, and I took notes. Likes purple. Loves fuzzy blonde hair. Pink is a consideration. Mmmm, purple eyes. Holly's bonnet has real appeal. Was Holly the "winner"? Eva's birthday creation was to be the size of Emily, would wear Eva's exact clothing, had to have purple eyes, not blue, must have blonde braids, the same yarn as Claire, but no loops, please. And she had to have a bonnet just like Holly. That's it. We reviewed her choices; and she smiled and nodded approval. Deliberately, she put all the dolls back in their respective seats. Last was Holly, whom she hugged and kissed, saying, "I really love you Holly." The selection process was complete, but she still hung on to the dream of Holly someday. What happens when Eva comes back to pick up her birthday present is a story in itself. It is too good not to tell.

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