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How do I get this doll?

So, what does an 11-year-old girl do when she wants a doll and her parents say, "Guess you'll have to save your money?" A good lesson with a happy ending.

Levy did just that. She and I met at the Fletcher Farm Craft Fair last summer. At the moment we met, I was finishing one of my favorite Bundles. And apparently hers. Interestingly enough, Levy won the "Where's Silvio? puzzle as a raffle prize that day; and when she came by after the weekend to renew her friendship with Grace, I awarded her the prize here at the gallery. What happened over almost the next eleven plus months is a phenomenal and beautiful story. Levy literally squirreled away any extra dollars (or coins) that came her way. Grace became her computer screen saver. A school requirement was to be a free resource for a community project. She volunteered at an animal shelter and the pleased owner began paying Levi for working in the dog grooming shop adjoining the shelter. The end result was $109 was earned, saved and put aside for Grace. Then were her two poised calls from Levy. The first. She had met me last summer. I was working on a doll named Grace. She thought she was $115. I reassured her that she was $135 at that time, but she was entitled to a 10 percent discount. But when she checked our website, she found the doll was $150. Could I offer a favorable alternative? We struck a deal at $125 plus tax. She thanked me. The second conversation. "I'm coming to buy her. Will you be open?" Grace waited. Wednesday Levy and her parents came to get her Grace. She was just like Levy remembered her. In spite of the distractions here that day, she was given the "royal treatment" by our little friends. Even Silvio answered his bell when called to say hello. We enjoyed a great visit with her folks, and then Grace left, yes, seat belted into their car. Already Levy's next dream is Anne of Green Gables. You can bet she'll have a new screen saver and be saving her dollars! If you dream of wanting a Bundle hard enough, it can have a happy ending. Just ask Levy!

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