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Quechee Balloon Festival Fantastic

Here are a dozen great reasons why the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Fest is fantastic. The Best Was Bella!

We didn't tire of the daily trips up and back. Our blue minivan was crammed, following our blueprint, so it was a smooth operation. For the days preceding the fair, the weather forecasts were all gloomy. But we had only two dumps of showers--brief and bountiful. The crowds weren't bad considering the prospects of rain, rain, rain; but one counted more locals, to be sure. The booth was almost perfect for the first time out, but we missed having the hammock full of calico animals. N. J. friends Matt and Myra almost went up in a balloon but light winds prevented any liftoffs. Katie and her Bundle collecting girls visited us twice. The food looked, smelled and tasted better on someone else, as we had brought our cooler full of healthy treats. But we did the ice cream thing the last afternoon. It was all about the orders, not the sales. A parent doesn't buy a $137 doll on a plea in this economy, but August ought to be good for those birthday promises made to a half dozen little girls. I trust my instincts. Now asking a Grammie is different. As usual, our most popular Emily found a sweet girl in a pink and purple dress just like she was wearing. Our raffle? How about little Olivia from CAES kindergarten winning the Where's Silvio? puzzle? Lew and I worked together as a tireless team as we started year 41 of marriage! Hot air balloons and the Canon Rebel digital camera offered Lew amazing joy. Guess what we saw heading home down the interstate Sunday night? A rainbow. We celebrated another year neighboring the active booth of three Quechee girls and their families who sell bottled water and ice cream and provide pure fun. The best treat was their Bella. Every fair needs an assistant like Monica, Margie or Bella. This almost five-year-old was the cat's meow. Bella tagged all the girls, monitored inventory, and managed her brother and cousins with their inflatable baseball bats. Bella checked my embroidery stitches, and we made a calico paper doll together. Finally, she insisted she be the big helper packing up, still full of energy. Too bad we couldn't squeeze Bella in with the dolls to come home! So you see, it was a blast.

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