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Quechee Balloon Festival

I love fairs. I am especially crazy about this one.

The Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. The most difficult decision is who goes and who stays behind? Of the nearly one hundred dolls at the gallery, there is only room for forty boys and girls. You can almost hear them sigh as they are passed over and not packed in the dreadful totes. But there are enough fairs through the summer and fall to allow everyone their turn to show off at Quechee or Apples and Crafts in Woodstock or right here in their hometown of Chester, VT. This week we're experimenting with several layouts with our sweet 10 by 10 tent. We must take the animals to display in the hammock, Lew says, and folks love the craft kits, especially the Calico Paper Dolls. This will be the first outing for the Decorator Dollies even though we have had a couple successful workshops with them. And there is always a Where's Silvio? puzzle for the raffle prize. And of course there is our very own hot air balloon doll,Jennifer. Come, lift off with us beginning Friday, June 19 in Quechee, VT. See you at the fair. Here is a link to the Festival.

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