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Here's a special edition about some discerning visitors, all of whom own Bundles, some who were created and named especially for these people - our six grandchildren. Beatrice is the Beatrice doll and Shiloh is that doll and bears her name.

So what happened on their visit? We had two barbecues. We filled every bed in the house. We wowed them at the parish breakfast and impressed them with our behavior in church. We picked a hundred daisies. We studied Poppy's garden watering systems. We let mom and dad go on a date in the afternoon. We had tea. We drew and colored and painted. We broke a lamp. We shared our traditional oranges. And we rearranged the dolls. Many times. But Grammie's highlight was shadowing the two girly girls upstairs. These blondies are nearly five and almost three. First they inspected the sewing room and told me it was a yucky mess. Please clean it. Then they investigated the maple chest of drawers to discover yellow hair, red hair and brown hair, but assured one another that it was really string or maybe yarn. They tried to sit in the doll "gossip" chair, each seat facing a different direction. Finally, they carefully managed the stairs to the doll shop proper. They engaged in the important rule of washing hands. Onto their shoulders went their favorite new Bundles. Mind you, they both loved Emily and Sarah best in the morning; but by afternoon, there were birthday requests. Beatrice wants Bernadette, but made sure I understood it had to look exactly the same, including the gold cord on her overskirt. Shiloh chose her brother's old favorite Claire (he had a two-year love affair with her), whom she carefully sat in the needlepoint chair with the Daisy doll, and told her with a reassuring pat that she'd be her present on her birthday. Successfully completing the toddler challenge of toilet training, Grammie rewarded her recently with a Camilla, the cat. These are the best visits.

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