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Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Was a Blast This Vermont doll maker enjoyed a stellar weekend during the state's celebration of crafts - Open Studio Weekend. We prepared well. Comparing last year, we were equal in visitors but double in sales. Even potential orders were fabulous. Saturday was the local's day. Sunday belonged to out-of-state folks. Just what were the highlights? The weather. Our welcoming Calico Memorial Garden. A delightful lady from Rockingham who insisted her son bring her to meet the dolls won the Camilla Cat raffle. The NYC family engaged in creating Calico Paper Dolls Myra, with her a Bundle with calla lily eyes wearing teddy bear overalls,and Matt visited, her doll and teddy bears safely seat belted in their vehicle. "Do a blog," said Matt. Doll collector and author Renee got hooked here. Sharing her books inspired me to want to self publish some stories I have written. Two red sale dolls found happy homes. I can't believe Heidi is still here! Later in the week, Matt 's mom and dad visited with her Daisy, seat belted in their car! No surprise, Daisy was selected as the most popular doll during Open Studio, even though she was not assembled, wigged or finished. Like Diana and Julie, she was part of the "show and tell" on the dining room table. The doll maker spent time sharing her art roots with Meg Ostrum who is heading the History of Craft project. And it was all about Connections. There are so many stories to share. The big news? Save those invitations and customer appreciation cards. That 10% will make a difference. After costing out each doll, we reluctantly but realistically raised our prices on June 1, 2009. We know our designs are heirlooms; our stitchers' work is unmatched; and our dolls are sensational! We heard that all weekend!

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