Our Warranty

Every once in a great while an old customer will give me a call.  Can you fix my babies?  Some have a torn limb, a dirty face or messy hair. Sure I’ll fix them.  It is my promise—my lifetime guarantee.


A recent call brought a dear lady and her husband to reconnect and deliver three thirty-three to nearly forty year olds to our shop for repairs.  They were bought at doll tea parties decades ago. Hearing and sharing stories of our lives was the best part of the nearly three hour visit. Melanie’s head was detached from her body and she had a leg that was worn and soiled. With a new body she came alive. Melissa and Erika both badly needed visits to the beauty parlor for their hairdos. Not a problem and pure joy for me. No cost for Debbe including the shipping of these three happy Bundles back to her arms. She has ordered a portrait doll of her charming granddaughter. With lots of love and fun my legacy lives on.

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