Doll Ordering Options:

We no longer accept credit cards. We do not fill international orders.
• The best way to order a doll is to call 802/875-2114.  Phone orders are accepted from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., EST or send an email from the Contact page.
• “BUYME" means ready to ship from inventory.  “ORDERME” means out of stock. Pick and choose your colors. Simply print out the form and mail your paperwork with your check to Bonnie's Bundles Dolls, 250 North Street, Chester, VT 05143.

Creating Your Doll Options:
• Mix and Match: If you choose the face of one doll, the body of another, and clothing from still another and it requires resizing, there is a $20 surcharge.
Portrait dolls are by quotation.


Shipping and Layaway Plans:
Two-day U.S. Priority Mail is our shipping preference. East of the Mississippi is $9; west of that River is $15. Add $4 per additional doll. A deposit of $50 is required for layaway orders intended for the Promise Room.

Pattern Ordering Options:
• Six of our dolls are available in pattern. Click here for ordering information.

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