Ordering Options

1,   We do not accept credit cards, only checks or cash.

2,   We do not accept international orders.

3,  The best way to order is the old fashioned way—a telephone call.

4.  Call 802/875-2114 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, weekdays and Saturday.

5.   Another option is to send us an email by going to the Contact page.

6.   Note the new availability options below:

                                           Ready to ship as shown in inventory.


                                           Out of stock but can ordered with your preferences.

7.   If ordering by mail, click on the Order Form to the right, print it and mail with your request. 

       A 50% deposit is required for new customers.  We hava a paper catalog. just ask and we will mail it.

8.    If you use the face of one and the body and clothing from another, there is a $25 surcharge.  

9.    Returning customers receive a 10% reward off their order.        

10.   Our shipping preference  is U.S. Postal 2-day Priority Mail.

        $10 east of the Mississippi and $15 west of the River.

11.  Our dolls are guaranteed for life. Check My Warranty page.

12.   Six of our dolls are in patterns. Use the pattern ordering sheet to get one.