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Fanwood NJ 1973

Vermont sewing team 1979

Gallery Opening July 1979

Our 3 K's greet visitors

Bonnie and Lew Watters with two little girls moved to Chester, Vermont in 1974 for the quality of life.  Inspired by their new surroundings, including a historic 1844 Stone House, Bonnie’s doll making hobby, begun in 1968 in New York, became a cottage craft industry keeping a bevy of talented local women stitching in their homes, while she was selling from her home gallery as at at-home mother, now of three girls. Her unique designs were best sellers in Butterick Patterns in the 1980’s, and the eighties were her best design years, selling 850 dolls in 1985. A year later her gallery moved to Grafton for three years. Former syndicated LA Times Travel Editor, the late Jerry Hulse, spread her name across the country with lasting clarity. “Your eyes won’t believe their eyes.” In 1989 she settled into a hobby status to take a full-time job at an environmental/government nonprofit to help educate the Watters’ girls, and retired in 2005 to resume her love of doll making. Bonnie has participated in juried regional crafts shows and remains a member of the Vermont Crafts CouncilNow retired, my doll gallery is a museum.

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