Bundle Family Updates

We continue to be closed to visitors to our home gallery, as we wish to stay safe. However, our website continues to satisfy customers who seek a unique hand crafted cloth doll. The best way to get a Bundle for Christmas giving is to check the present inventory of 30 sweet dolls. Those marked BUY ME can ship at once. If you wish to visit to meet our dolls in person, we suggest you check the Covid-19 travel restrictions. We are following current Vermont Department of Health guidelines.


Our tuxedo mascot, Flagler, put his nose on the winner for the Sushi doll. Sasha, one of my coveted fans, is happy to love another Bundle. The amount raised was less than the first Sushi, but $255 will help support our granddaughter’s Randolph Union HS exchange program with Japan.


We did a marketing piece and mailed it to about thirty constant customers. Besides the 10 percent returning reward, we offered another $15 off on any doll in inventory, ones on the website with the BUY ME tag. This $15 offer is for anyone who purchases from inventory. Visit vermontcrafts.com to learn how you get $30 off on a doll.

We had dinner for two for Thanksgiving with our table set with wedding china, not the usual with our Vermont family. We did Zoom with all three treasures that morning. Christmas may be the same.


Let’s hope for a better 2021. 

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