2021 Updates

For my 81st birthday Lew gifted me with a new hangtag which was printed, cut and punched right here in Chester at NewsBank Print Shop.  Our intention is to create a new 2021 calendar featuring the dozen favorite Bundles over nearly 53 years.


I constantly get poked by web designers who alert me to things that do not work well.  I got the idea from the hangtag design to lose ORDER ME and BUY ME on the dolls’ pages and instead to use the logo for dolls in inventory ready to ship and the spool of thread for those not in stock. We are also changing the menu bar tto provide options for ordering, along with a simplified order form. 


Another major change will be separating the real or motif dolls in recognizable categories. Lew and I will be diligently working on the website over the next week.


While we remain closed to visitors to our home gallery, we welcome a telephone call or email to order. Thanks to many of my returning customers and without grant assistance, I had a great year in shipped sales, better than 2019. All but three Suzys were picked up in person.  Be well and safe.

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