Meow! The Sale is On!

Camilla proudly announces the 48th Anniversary Bundle Sale. Just three dolls, but good treasures at great prices, all $48 off. Visit the Events page here on our new Bundle website to meet them. Oddly enough, Camilla really took the reigns on this event, because Silvio, her hero, was king here today when the Vermont Bike Tour folks made their second visit of the season. Imagine The Reporter Camilla’s flaring face as five women paid all their attention to The Mascot, who was lying on the dining room table “eating” it up. Camilla, by the way, is $48 if you wish to adopt her.

A Star is Born

It is always a delight when there is a birthing day in the Bundle Family, not flesh but cloth. The newest beauty is Sophie. She is a flapper from the twenties. Agreed, Lew and I do not always agree. He wants her to be Zelda, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. Lew rules with the camera; I rule with my sewing machine. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed researching her costuming and her hairdo. Every step of the way there was change. Not enough lace. Use seam binding? How far up on the dress should the elastic and lace go? I had to spend an hour cleaning my sewing room to find gingham for pantaloons! It all worked out even to the headband flower. What fun. Guess this is why I do the whole prototype do

Ready for Change

Nearly three months ago we hired two technology smart high school girls to redesign our doll website. Here we are today, up and ready! It was a nice journey with our Pittsburgh web host for nearly ten years, but knowing a simpler web presentation of fewer dolls would work better in ten categories in the Doll Shop, we switched to WIX. The Attic Angels, those one hundred other designs, can still be ordered and made, but we know what the top fifty girls and boys you adore like us. You can see the change here on the doll pages where Lew has developed a side face shot that showcases the personality-filled dolls he loves to photograph. The best idea the girls presented was to feature doll owners,

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