It's all over but the memories!

As usual, recapping Open Studio over a glass of wine, reviewing the visitors, renewing the conversations and looking to the future potential rewards - another visit, an order--are the best moments over twelve years. Why is it over? We are not spring chickens any more. (We're on Twitter now and here's one of our sweet tweets, Cyrena, born May 22, 2015, our newest design featured this weekend.) All the planning and preparation and being the momma and poppa of our local artists' loop group are no longer fun. Frankly, we know what works best and that's our sweet brochure now just at one important Vermont Welcome Center in Guilford. It guarantees an hour visit and an engaged new customer. Tuesda


It was 99 miles one way to the marketing conference at Goddard College for Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio participants. All along the way, there was budding and blooming in the fields, hills and valleys--greens and purples--my two favorite colors. What I learned about the management of my creativity was not a surprise, but reinforced by the presenter, Marianne Mullen. There are occasional forks in the road but once made clear by she and those who shared, I learned that I am watching and waiting and minding the lights and signs. The trip was all colorful like my dolls - pink road, green recycle bags (Green Up Day in VT), and the yellow wayfarer signage we picked up for our gang and ourse

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