On the Street Where We Live

On the street where we live there has been all of kinds of action over the last few spring days and even more in our forty years on North Street. We particularly notice being out front raking the flower gardens, sweeping up sand from the sidewalks, urging the daffodils and greeting the walkers. Times are a changing, be sure. All this affects our business here in our home but it is not bad, just different. This is why doing Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio is important. A New Year's invitation to enter a home gallery freely. Most noticeable for both sight and sound are the big trucks that are also beating up the pavement. On moving here, the traffic study revealed good seasonal traffic fo

Bring 'Em On!

Yes, it is here in its glory and has been for a couple weeks. Those peepers; what a din. Love those daffodils; stay awhile. No more wood fires. The furnace is clean and off. All the doors of rooms upstairs are open and Silvio is checking in every one upstairs, remembering all his favorite spots on sills and in baskets, following the sun. Gardening happens to be our favorite activity right now even though I should be indoors and diligently finishing four dolls a week. I'll make it. I always do. Even more of a sign is what is ahead. Spring will bring those visitors --- Vermont Crafts Council Annual Spring Open Studio Weekend. Mark the dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26, from 10 am to

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