Giving my Best

his year especially I decided to give back big in my community of Chester where our family has flourished for forty years, both the real and the cloth. Who are favorites? First Rotary, who gave generously to two daughters for college and exchange programs aboard, had a Hope Doll for their annual silent auction. The Whiting Library which was always a favorite haunt for my girls growing up sold tickets for Bonnie Book Doll who was won by a former Chester resident, a librarian, too. The Springfield Humane Society who blessed us with the famous cat, Silvio, raffled a Camilla. And the Gordon Scholarship honoring friend Heath Gordon, musician and artist got my idea of Heath who is in his mother's

Why Violet?

I know it is my favorite color in all shades of purple and lavender, but this word pops up continually as the leading searched doll in my website statistics. I listen. Is it the color? Is it the doll? Guess I'll have to do some research. My website is seeing record numbers of visitors, seventy-five percent directly to Bonnie's Bundles Dolls; 1400 visits a day in the last week--the most ever! Many visitors enjoy my blogs. Thank you. Because of the searches for Violet, my team and I made a new Violet. She was ready for VCC Fall Open Studio along with my new nature chick, Haley.View image They are still here keeping one another company in their fresh, friendly colors. We love their beauty an

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