Kids Will Be Kids

When you let your kids leave the house, you can only trust that they will be safe and be good. Ten of our people were transported in a couple travel totes that symbolize packing up for a fair, especially for Silvio, our welcomer and babysitter. He was especially sad to see a couple of his favorites be chosen, but we assured him they could not be sold and would want to come back to him. Where did they go? We had another special invitation from the Vermont State Welcome Center, this time Hartford, Mile 68S on Interstate I91. Yes, you remember Clyde and the girls were there last year. They were so well behaved and loved that the staff said, "Bring them back." Their order in these splendid candi

Yes, We're Retired

At least some days we are! Actually retirement began on November 30, 2005,followed by the journey of a lifetime across the US, connecting with my SCA federal agency partners and our family. But that is history. Our local bookstore owner asked me at a Boxing Day party how many hours a day I worked making dolls. I don't really call it work, but it is about four hours daily that I play at creating treasures. To hear from a customer that her doggie doll "is really extraordinary. It was such a pleasure working with you throughout the creative process," makes it all the more favorite four hours a day. What did we do in our retirement in 2013? We had two great Vermont Crafts Council Open Studios; s

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