Commotion on the Green

For heaven's sake, my boys and girls made a sensation on our hometown Chester Green at the Rotary sponsored Chester Festival on the Green this past weekend. Who lead the ruckus? Miss Francie, my sweet little fairy was more like an angel watching over things; she did not fly away. Everyone loved her colors. Even though Autumn, created to be the sensation for this event, caused lots of oohs and aahs, Francie ruled the canopy, watching over us, even discouraging and dodging rain both days, Clever? Visitors could write down the name of their favorite doll in Francie's dream bubble, and she produced three orders for herself! As expected and anticipated, I was greeted by my sweet fans - Gwen, Ha

What's Next?

Here sits my sweet furry buddy, Silvio, upon the special journal given to me by my daughter Kate. Not sure if he wants to be close to her or to me, but he begs that question. So...A new face? Grocery list? Dolls for Lew to photograph for the web? Bills to pay? A blog? If I'm in the blog, it's okay! Yes, there are a few dolls to finish. Next would be getting the website up to date with current "Order Me Now" tags. Our web visitors are looking for Olivia. But what really is ahead are two big fun opportunities -- the Annual Chester Festival on the Green on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22 and the Fall Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio on Saturday and Sunday, October 5 and 6. The first

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