Do I Hear Music?

Sisters are for sharing, 1, 2, 3. Sometimes I share with you. Sometimes you share with me. This was a little ditty my girls would sing when someone wasn't sharing properly. Imagine this: Two sisters sharing a sealed box. Old friend Stephanie would say as I was shipping a doll order, "What? No air holes?" I can just hear the muffled jingle. View imageA very sweet grandmother visited in May and was very excited tocustom design dolls for her granddaughters. She knew just what she wanted, sharing pictures of the two sweeties. We matched eye colors, and we wrote down the style, color and texture of the hairdos. The clothes were easy. Frankie gets Eva's in her colors with big brown Madelyn eyes.

Mural, Mural on the Wall

Who is the finest of them all? Each and every one of the Bundle doll images pasted on the garage wall on Saturday, June 15 are perfect, especially the relationship of the doll to the paster. We are not a billboard but a serious Vermont attraction! If we're away for an afternoon for a birthday, ballgame or food expedition, our handsome gnome sends visitors to see the mural and leave a message. Even our chipmunks have a curious interest. Today at the post office I saw Carolyn who said, yes, we must paste two special My Doll Design girls, Heather and Laverne. She can't wait. Diane and her family visited Maizie, and next week Darlene is coming to paste her harp treasure. How about you? Do you s

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