Singing in the Rain

I feel a blog coming on! Not sure if it's because we hung out with old friends at the Weston Playhouse picnic last evening or because I am full of joy about sharing my four favorite things - family, food, flowers and my dolls. Fortunately, today will be an off and on rainy day, so our dream to plant the vegetables and the dahlia bulbs is out right now. Excitement looms from our doll mural pasting event on Saturday. By the way, we had sunshine, a perfect day. Ready to hear my song? The fact that a great story by Christian Avard appeared in the Rutland Herald the day before was a great sign of an upcoming success. Knowing who was coming to the event helped us plan which doll photographs to hav

Let's Decorate

The back of our garage faces Mt. Flamstead. That mountain and the fields below that border our property are beautiful any season, but especially in summer. The idea of decorating the garage is not new as we intended to have our Arizona girls collaborate to create their visions of the Southwest. The surface was specially prepared, primed and painted in a brilliant white background. After several years of waiting, we realized the mural was just not going to happen. Intentions were honorable. On our most recent visit this winter driving with Kate and Kelly to the Kane Ranch on the Colorado Plateau, we were introduced to wheat pasting murals. Why not decorate our "billboard" with dolls? Vie

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