During these winter days in retirement we spend much of our time in the Heritage Room at the back of the house where the wood stove cranks incredible warmth. Another form of warmth is here--our lovely silver cat Silvio, always cozy with the wood box, his girls or us. True coziness is prevalent in all shapes, sizes and colors. Everywhere dolls surround us. They aren't allergic to cats! They don't eat much. They create no laundry. They don't talk back. On occasion, the Gossip Chair holds two girls, and given the opportunity, they launch into mischief and adventure and make good stories to write and illustrate like the one about Julie and Kimberly. But the truth is these dolls of gold simply g

Dream Catching Horseshoe

All it took was accepting a simple invitation, and we were on our way to theVermillion Cliffs and our second visit to the Kane Ranch above the north rim of the Grand Canyon in AZ, a retreat from reality owned by the Grand Canyon Trust. Lew, Kate, Kelly and Ms. Charlie, our granddog would bed down after warmly connecting in the usual Watters family way -- talking, eating and hugging. The glowing horseshoe daybreak awakening though revealed a phenomenal marketing scheme for 2013. The decorative horseshoe icon in the window, positioned perfectly, caught it all in the morning sun. Go, Bon. How fortunate! An hour writing exercise for all four of us after breakfast and a walk gave me the chance to

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