Bragging About Our Brochure

Sometimes it's timing. Sometimes it's luck. Whatever it was, this opportunity was as great as the Bundle brochure itself, and our new matching calico door banners matching the "invitation." Here's the scoop. In 2011 we printed a two-fold version of a new brochure. The color was right -soft yellow background with lavender lettering. The two come-on girls, Gretchen and Emily, were on the cover and the garden shot of eight dolls on the inside was a natural. The copy needed improvement, but we repeated the calico map of Vermont with our View image glass logo sign on the back. We printed just what we needed locally; but it still needed help. We had some ideas. When our AZ girls were here last f

Good Sense Rules!

Three people are full of joy this October day. Bonnie. Lew. And Silvio. Maybe even thirty more if you consider those Bundles left behind with Silvio when we headed out to a Vermont craft fair. There were always choices to be made. The totes would only allow for the chosen forty. Silvio cannot believe the empty van and is trying to convince Kitty. "No more craft fairs." Except for our Chester Fall Festival on the Green in September. Why? As good as we were at carefully loading the van of all the paraphernalia six times a year (especially as the season progressed), for us seventies people, it began to hurt or not be too much fun carting the deacon's bench or trunk and putting up the canopy w

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