Doll Reunion Winners

If you have a Bundle, you already won! You have great taste. Between those who appeared in person and those who shared pictures and stories like Arna, Nancy, Bruce, Arlene, Mary Alice and Julie, one percent of 13,000 of our dolls were shared. Now we share with you. On Saturday, Candace showed up with her children's dolls in her arms. Granddaughter Adela's favorite doll was her daddy's Eddie. She made a calico paper doll and decorated a cookie. Candace was one of my valued team in the old days. I showed her a wooden shoe she sent me from Holland, Michigan, one of their hometowns. I shared with Candace her handwriting on pattern pieces, as she cut for the stitchers on our cottage industry te

One Hit of the Reunion - The Journals

There is so much to share; I've decided to write several blogs about our spectacular September Bundle Doll Reunion, celebrating connections with some of the owners of my 13,000 plus dolls. In preparation for the event, I spent hours in the attic finding pictures and files that could tell the story well - especially on a time line that the weather prevented. But the pictures in journals were certainly more than I dreamed. Tell us more. Over the years the first 150 dolls I created were in several ring binders, two per page on colored construction paper in a heavy plastic sleeve. Yes, that's how old they are! Some descriptions were typed and some were printed from various catalogs. My friend

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