Will you be my Valentine?

Someone once said, Bonnie's dolls look so real they seem to breathe. Being the designer of hundreds of dolls - some much better than others - I can tell you they do have heart. They love back without asking. One of my favorite stories in my history is when I worked as the Assistant to the President at Woodstock College, the Jesuit seminary, in the Interchurch Center on Morningside Heights in New York City. It was after marriage but before children. But there were dolls in my life then. I used to work on them in the car on the commute from Bronxville. Raggedys especially. The Xerox serviceman was working on the copier, and he shared that he was planning a marriage proposal. When he learned I

Little Things Mean A Lot

We rebounded from a splendid Christmas Day with our grandchildren and their parents. Musical instruments, school supplies and a doll house kept the house buzzing, all capped with a perfect turkey banquet mastered by Kara in her new, old Glenwood stove. All this while Lew and I were fighting off a bug, and two of us tolerated one another with grace! We couldn't exchange the Peace at church, and we probably should not have gone, but we got to hear our stitcher Linda sing a solo and got a diagnosis from Nurse Anita. Sinusitis. After a doctor's visit, the two of us are mending and accomplishing those lists, including the send out of our Epiphany greeting. Lew is becoming proficient at AdWords

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