Doll Maker

Reflections in Year 47

I wake up each day knowing my dolls are touching someone and still engaging me. I love that my dolls become keepsakes, lasting and forgiving treasures without strings. I could not do it without my family's support -- Lew, the three K's, six grand-children treasures and sweet cat mascot, Silvio. My stitchers are splendid too.

So what keeps me going? Imagine a 7-year old girl, sitting here in a little rocking chair holding her three wide-eyed dolls with her own eyes closed saying, "I'm not going. I'm staying here." Well, she was finally convinced she was going home with her family and dollies. What I knew was she was taking me with her and we would be friends forever through my cloth treasures and admiration for her and her sweet family. Best of all, we will see each other again.

I do meet so many of my customers in person, and they do keep coming back. Proudly, some Bundles are now in four generations. So let’s make that CONNECTION.

In January of this year we published my new book, A Dozen Cats Plus One Sew.