Doll Maker

Reflections in Year 46

I wake up each day knowing my dolls are touching someone and still engaging me. I love that my dolls become keepsakes, lasting and forgiving treasures without strings. The Bundle Doll Reunion in September 2012 reminded me of how many Bundles there are out there in the world -- over 13,000.

Without my family 's inspiration -- my husband Lew, three sweet daughters, six adoring grandchildren, and darling cat mascot Silvio, I would not still be having this much fun at work and play at my age! Gardening and cooking fill my other hours. I love my loyal stitching team, some of whom have worked with me since 1976 and are dedicated to stitching with love as I do.

I do meet so many of my customers in person, and they do keep coming back. Proudly, some Bundles are now in four generations. So let’s make that CONNECTION.