Create Your Doll

Emily is most popular in standard design colors, an example of an Order Now choice. A Beatrice is in stock as Order Now, but to chose your own colors, use the Picking and Choosing along with the Custom Order Form. Olive is an example of a Mix and Match--fabrics from Shan-tzu, Anne of Green Gables' clothing style, and her one-of-a-kind face and special blended hair. Use the Custom Order Form to create your princess. Miss Claire, in her favorite apple greens and lavenders, is a Portrait offering. To order your lookalike, we need a photograph of the subject and your Custom Order Form preferences. Finally, for the very creative, see Kate, using My Doll Design. Naturally, it is best for you to wander around our gallery to select and design in person. Next best thing is to call the doll maker: 802.875.2114.