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Our five-year-old grandson Gurion came up with a dilly of an idea using a couple Bundle faces we printed from our website pages that we gave him and his siblings. Just like that! Old fashioned paper dolls. We all want to share the excitement of this new product with you.

With the calico paper doll package contents, your children can create their own 7" paper doll, using a glue stick, crayons, scissors and imagination. This creative offering is a perfect rainy day project, an art activity, a stocking stuffer, a birthday card or even a party favor. You can print additional faces right from our website and make more.

Package includes:
Paper doll template
The face (see choices below)
Calico fabric

Price is $4.00 per kit which includes USPS shipping. Please print and use order form below.

Free with the purchase of any doll.

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