How was your event?

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wedding-day.jpgDid you mean our honeymoon escape to Shelburne and Burlington or the second doll mural wheat pasting? Both were fabulous, thank you. We were celebrating the history of our beautiful 46-year marriage and recognizing the significant role the sweet cloth dolls have played in our lives.

Still Make Dolls!

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dancers0618.jpgSometimes it is a question. Other times it is an exclamation. On two occasions in preparing for Open Studio I connected with classmates of my darling daughters who remember my doll making frenzies in the young mothering years. One remembered coming to play and helping with the display and stuffing. How many years?

Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio. How's it going?

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red.tulip.0888lrg.jpg "Very well."  That is exactly the response I get from Father Sanford most Sunday mornings when he arrives at St. Luke's after his 45-mile trip from Marlborough, NH for the 8 a.m. worship as Lew and I depart having done our Sextons' duties. And it applies here. We did all we could to make our 20-mile gang of ten Chester area artists look good - around town with yellow posters and maps, showcased in two Vermont Welcome Centers and presence in the area press. Then I cooked for a big church meeting; we got some flower plants into the gardens; and we celebrated the birthday of my favorite Raggedy Andy owner, grandson William, who peaked to 14, while we engaged in a bleacher picnic with the family at Gurion's lacrosse game. And on Friday the comforting rain. Are you sure it is going very well?

The M Girls are Magnificent!

Here we are in the cold M month, and I am suddenly thinking about the mgirls.jpgtime change, the snow melting, spring coming, the upcoming commitments, and then shifting to thinking about how real my M girls are - Missy, Millicent, Meghan, Madelyn, Molly, Mimi, Monet and Maggie. How about these M words? Magical, Magnificent, Model, Majestic, Manageable, Mother. What does this all mean?

I am not jealous!

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This is a good day to write a "composition" as there is no school because of the big georgiof3276.jpgsnow. I unpacked the big Green Mountain Coffee box filled with ten Bundles, including a Camilla, all set neatly sitting in their places by Tim, just retrieved from the Hartford Welcome Center where they spent a month wondering if they would see Silvio and their other brothers and sisters again. Imagine their reactions when they returned to the gallery and saw someone wearing an outfit having the same fabric as they have.  Maybe they were drinking coffee! Who was the loudest?

Kids Will Be Kids

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When you let your kids leave the house, you can only trust that they will be safe and be good. Ten of our people were transported in a couple travel totes that symbolize packing up for a fair, especially for Silvio, our welcomer and babysitter. He was especially sad to see a couple of his favorites be chosen, but we assured him they could not be sold and would want to come back to him. Where did they go?

Yes, We're Retired

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At least some days we are! Actually retirement began on November 30, 2005, chrisitne.cuties6961.jpgfollowed by the journey of a lifetime across the US, connecting with my SCA federal agency partners and our family. But that is history. Our local bookstore owner asked me at a Boxing Day party how many hours a day I worked making dolls. I don't really call it work, but it is about four hours daily that I play at creating treasures. To hear from a customer that her doggie doll "is really extraordinary. It was such a pleasure working with you throughout the creative process," makes it all the more favorite four hours a day.

What did we do in our retirement in 2013?

Shouting for Joy

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First it snows and then the sun shines. But it gets better. First, I guess, were the splendid birthday cards and calls, including the singing King family. Silly Facebook. I have recovered my business page, but I had well wishes galore through this medium including my favorite Peruvian exchange son from 22 years ago. To top it off was the presence of three special girls at the St. Luke's Christmas Tea to celebrate. Momma, Beatrice and Shiloh made a special trip, singing in the truck all 70 miles. Lew joined us and then we sent them back home to the boys with my veggie pizza and their carrot cake promise for the near future. But, there is much more.

Falling Into a Perfect Vermont Fall

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We have done it all this fall - all within about three weeks.  We have discovered the best recipe - do it all.

Commotion on the Green

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For heaven's sake, my boys and girls made a sensation on our hometown Chester Green at the Rotary sponsored Chester Festival on the Green this past weekend. Who lead the ruckus?