I Had A Dream...

bonnie.1961.jpgYes, this is a song from the late seventies by Abba, and it was resounding in my head last night while I dreamt I was picking one of my dolls to take to college with me. Did I choose right?  The school. Yes, the Katharine Gibbs School. The photo on the left was taken in 1961 by a staff photographer at Columbia University, my first and favorite job as secretary to the Secretary of the University. I can never choose my favorite Bundle doll. I will stick with Lew, especially that he and the girls love and look cool in our new Bundle vests.View image

Always a good reason or season!

You have heard about our marketing meetings at wine time. They are not held outside in the yard any longer--for good reason. Yes, the season.  Instead we are in the Heritage Room, the doll shop in the old days, with the wood stove keeping us cozy and creative. Our focus? We must consider social media. We have to bend and bite the cracker and use Twitter and Facebook to bullet our message. Into the kitchen, onto the laptop, and done in an hour. Was it hard? Nope.View image

Twelve Great Reasons for Joy


At our fun marketing meeting last night, we had some startling realizations. The Sale Doll page needed a new look; so Lew took out his favorite new camera lens (I keep buying them for my buddy); and in one shot captured four dolls in the late afternoon sunlight. In the process of deciding the percent to offer off on Barbie Barrette, Missy, Autumn and Sharon, twelve popped into my head and into the journal. They will be 12% off, and with the 10% returning customer guarantee, you have a nice saving.

It's all over but the memories!

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As usual, recapping Open Studio over a glass of wine, reviewing the visitors, renewing the conversations and looking to the future potential rewards - another visit, an order--are the best moments over twelve years.  Why is it over?


violet.blog.smwh1845.jpgIt was 99 miles one way to the marketing conference at Goddard College for Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio participants.  All along the way, there was budding and blooming in the fields, hills and valleys--greens and purples--my two favorite colors. What I learned about the management of my creativity was not a surprise, but reinforced by the presenter, Marianne Mullen. There are occasional forks in the road but once made clear by she and those who shared, I learned that I am watching and waiting and minding the lights and signs.

On the Street Where We Live

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daffodils0921.jpgOn the street where we live there has been all of kinds of action over the last few spring days and even more in our forty years on North Street. We particularly notice being out front raking the flower gardens, sweeping up sand from the sidewalks, urging the daffodils and greeting the walkers. Times are a changing, be sure. All this affects our business here in our home but it is not bad, just different. This is why doing Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio is important.  A New Year's invitation to enter a home gallery freely.

The Last Leaf Brings Spring

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Here it is the first day of spring. Who can believe it? We are waiting for the first leaves to pop on the maple trees and here is this brave leaf hanging in just outside our bathroom window, surviving our harsh Vermont winter. Lew's image, taken February 27th, conjured up lots of sweet thoughts.

Silvo Officially Blogs

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There is a very sweet fan of ours who owns many Bundles and loves her visits and silvio_poly-sm8637.jpgfrequent conversations with us. She truly believes that Silvio, our beloved cat, is the true CEO (how about Cat Energizer Operator) of Bonnie's Bundles Dolls. I think Bobbie would love it if Silvio authored a blog about my writing a book about all thirteen of the cats who sewed with his mistress over 46 years.  Go Silvio!

Giving my Best

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This year especially I decided to give back big in my community of Chester where our family has flourished for forty years, both the real and the cloth.  Who are favorites?

Why Violet?

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violet.blog1845.jpgI know it is my favorite color in all shades of purple and lavender, but this word pops up continually as the leading searched doll in my website statistics. I listen. Is it the color? Is it the doll?  Guess I'll have to do some research.