Bonnie's Bundles Dolls

Looking for old fashioned Vermont made cloth dolls?

You have found "the" best original handmade cloth dolls, designed and created by Vermont doll artist Bonnie Watters. Through her dolls you can renew your childhood.

Her personality filled rag dolls are dressed in layers of old fashioned calico clothing. Their faces are hand embroidered with expressive real eyes or trademark motifs like geese, flowers, or rainbows. She is all about blending colors and mastering fine details. As soon as a doll is finished, she is photographed with colors and detail for the web.

Sneak a peak at SILVIO'S GIRLS and VISIT MONTAGE for two fabulous overviews of Bonnie's body of work. Next visit DOLL DESIGNS to learn how they are made.

Last update May 19, 2016

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